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My sweet husband

My sweet husband decided to surprise me with this blog. I have been asking him to create for me my very own personal online diary for as long as I can remember. Then this whole blogging phenomenon started. I’ve been meaning to start one but haven’t had the time & motivation to get started. I’m already regretting it. All those precious moments & events that I could have documented so I can have something to reflect on & at the same time leave with my family to remember me by. But like Nancy said…Just start now & move forward.

So I guess I’ll begin my very first blog gushing about my husband. Every time I think of him my eyes & my heart well up. The absolute blessing he has been to me cannot be described by my limited vocabulary. I don’t even think a word exists to describe my feelings for him. The countless times he has been there for me, whether it’s taking care of me when I’m not feeling well, giving me a break from the kids when I’m ready to pull my hair out, knocking sense into me when I’m not thinking or acting right. The list can go on. I truly believe in my heart that The Lord truly gave me the desire of my heart when I was in my bedroom back in middle school begging Him to bring me my perfect husband. I made my list of qualities & everything. And I can almost guarantee that Rico has all the qualities from the final updated version. [Side note: During high school I decided to cross off some qualities that were least important hoping that my husband would come sooner. Haha!] But I am sure Rico has some of those crossed out qualities as well. I sure hope I can find that list one day. I can’t help but be proud of the godly man The Lord is molding him to be. I mean he was a great guy to begin with, but now he is becoming the man God created him to be. How can I not feel blessed? When I see him interacting with the children it so blesses my heart. Don’t get me wrong, we did hit a bump in the road a few years ago. I was at the verge of losing hope. But I willed myself to hold on to the last ounce of hope that I could find and repeated God’s promises to myself over & over again. And with God’s grace, we were able to get through it stronger & more in love than ever. Not only did that trial strengthen our marriage but our faith…especially Rico’s. I’m sure we will go through other trials down the road, but as of now, our marriage is as perfect as I can imagine. Well I could be a better wife, but that’s a different entry for another day. 🙂 Now my prayer & heart’s desire is that Jadon will be the kind of man his father is & that Kayla will find a man that will be a husband & father her father is. Rico set the bar high that’s for sure. Hehehe!


Sydney’s bulky purple beanie



I made this beanie for sweet Sydney.  The flower is removeable & interchangeable.  I love how it fits her so well.  I can’t recall if I followed the instructions word-for-word.  A lot of times I improvise when I don’t understand something or if I prefer it a different way.

Here is the pattern for the beanie:

The pattern for the flower is here

Very first cherry blossom beanie

102 101

This was one of my first beanies.  The beanie part didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but the cherry blossoms turned out cute.  I don’t recall where I got the pattern for the beanie itself, but I got the pattern for the cherry blossoms from this youtube video.  This lady is pretty awesome.