Change of Transportation = Walker

Well today was the very first day that the kids walked home from school. I almost forgot until Rico reminded me before I left work. I tried really hard not to panic, but to trust in God. I prayed on the way home. I fought every feeling in me to go & spy on them, but then I realized there is no way they wouldn’t see me.  Haha!  So instead I gave them a certain time to get home before I started walking towards the school. When I saw an older kid on our street get home, I got excited & anxious. Then what seemed like days (5 minutes real time) I heard a sound in the distance. I stood up from my little camping chair & saw Kayla walking with a friend. A sigh of relief came out. But “Where was Jadon?” I sat back down & took a deep breath. But then I started thinking “Would he actually refuse to walk home?” Kayla took FOREVER to finally get to the driveway. She had a huge smile on her face & said she wanted to do it again on Monday. Not sure how excited Jadon was, although he said it was fine. I guess he wanted to walk home with a certain friend, but Kayla was rushing him. But Ben decided to walk home with him, so that was good. And one of Kayla’s classmates walked her home, which I thought was very sweet.

Thinking about this experience for them reminds me of the days I use to walk to & from school. I guess it was pretty cool for the most part, except the days I was late for school & had to practically run. Lyndale definitely wasn’t too far from home, but James Lick was crazy far. Although I will never forget that times I thought someone was going to kidnap us. I forget if I was with Virlyn or Armida. But other than that I suppose it was a good experience with fun memories. And now my kids get to experience it for themselves. They are growing up so fast! Becoming more & more independant. I’m dreading the day when they want nothing to do with me. 😦 I’m trying so hard to form & nurture a good, trusting relationship with them. I sure hope I don’t mess things up in the process. I just need to stop thinking about it so much & over-thinking the future. I just need to pray about it & leave them in God’s hands. Like I’ve mentioned to someone, I know the outcome (their future) will turn out great, but it’s the journey that worries me. I’m not looking forward to watching them go through the struggles that I know will make them stronger. I hate the feeling of helplessness, especially when it comes to my family. I just have to always remember & keep working on…

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6


2 responses to “Change of Transportation = Walker”

  1. cherree says :

    You’re so brave to let them walk home! I know I can’t (well his school isn’t that near either). But still, I watch way too much crime shows and am paranoid :/

    • jasmelyn says :

      Trust me, I’m probably just as paranoid as you are. But Rico keeps reminding me to stop keeping them in a bubble & let them enjoy their childhood (with precautions & prayer of course). Haha. And if it wasn’t for my knowledge of the power in prayer, I don’t know if I could let go as much as I have already. Baby steps!

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