Jadon’s first piano recital

After roughly 3 years he has finally decided to do a recital. Granted it was a trio, but he did it nonetheless. I am so very proud of him. I know the feeling of having the fear & excitement. You feel like you want to throw up, you break out into a cold sweet & everything. And when they played the “Clapping Tune” he played the melody part & all I seem to hear was just his part. Maybe it’s special mama ears or something. And he played beautifully & even with confidence. He was all smiles afterwards & said he wasn’t even nervous by the time he went up there. I’m sure it felt good afterwards.

I felt bad though cuz it was the same morning as the ornament exchange so I had to rush out afterwards, meet up with Cherree & walk in an hour late in the middle of the youth room in front of over 30 women. No, it wasn’t embarrassing at all! But Tress’s & Anna’s stories were beautiful, the exchange was fun, except for the fact that Helen stole my ornament/wall decor that had the verse Matthew 7:7 (ask, seek, knock). I was so excited about it cuz it is one of my new favorite verses & wanted to show the kiddos. So then I ended up with a clay mouse. :/ Well Nancy being the sympathetic sweetheart she is, gave me her ornaments which was my 2nd choice. I love her! At first I wasn’t going to take it, but then she used Junior by saying he would love my ornament & she didn’t want any breakable ones. Well the next morning I asked her what Junior thought of the ornament & she said he had asked her if he could eat it! Haha! I think he thought it was a cookie! My thoughts exactly when I first opened it.

So anyway, after the ornament exchange I went to pick up Franco & Noelle so Pat & Cherree could go watch part 2 of Breaking Dawn. Franco & Ricci ended up coming over too. Then we decided to buy the Pacquio & Marquez fight, so Sam came by for a while, but left. Mike ended up showing up, probably not knowing that Sam had changed his mind. Hopefully he wasn’t too bored. I’m sure he wanted to go meet up w/ the boys but probably felt bad leaving. I’m sure he was tired from work too. It was nice, he brought the kids Oreos.

Sunday after church we went to go see Ms. Sue’s Winter Wonderland House. It’s decorated with mainly Christmas stuff from floor to ceiling! There are many rooms. I can’t even tell you which one is my favorite, although the coca cola room was pretty neat. The 3D glasses were one of my favorites & the bell playing elves that played a Christmas tune I want for my house. Everything was gorgeous. Sadly, this is her last year doing it. She gave all the little ones teddy bears which I thought was very sweet.

After that we went to Chilis to have lunch for Jadon’a first recital. Noel, Mela, Courtney, Meagan, Aaron, Mark, Tina, Franco, Ricci, Nancy, Junior, Hailee & even Mike joined us. It was a huge blessing! And I know for sure Jadon felt very special. Our server asked if we were celebrating anything special & so I told him about Jadon. So when we were leaving he congratulated Jadon & Jadon was shocked & was like “How did he know?” It was very cute.

We then finally went home, finished decorating the lawn & I finished Jadon’s dinosaur beanie & embellishing Kayla’s beanie. It was a great & fun weekend.

Oh, I forgot, we had a family movie night Friday & watched Hugo. I thought it was alright, Kayla was probably bored, Jadon enjoyed the whole robot part. I’m sure it just fueled his desire to build a robot even more now. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens up his Lego Mindstorms.


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