Rico’s Earflap Beanie



Finished Rico’s beanie. It took a lot longer than expected. I just couldn’t get the earflap right. Then I had to make those pom-poms which I don’t enjoy doing. He says it’s comfortable, so hopefully he’ll actually wear it. We shall see.

Yarns used:
– Caron Simply Soft: dark country blue
– Vanna’s Choice: charcoal grey 151

I used this pattern, but I made changes by adding additional rows. I think the final row count was 18 & I added a border of sc stitches. Also I think the amount of stitches in row 4 should be 45 & then row 5 should be 60.

The earflaps were a bit more challenging for me. I tried writing the pattern after the fact, so I hope it’s accurate. As for where to start the flap, I had Rico put the beanie on & I marked the beginning & ending stitch with bobby pins. I made sure they were 14 stitches apart so the flap would end up long enough. So here it goes:

Row 1:
Join yarn, chain 2, DC in base of chain
DC in the next 13 stitches [14]

Row 2:
Chain 2, turn, DC in base if chain
DC all the way down [14]

Row 3:
Chain 2, turn, dc2tog next 2 chains
DC to the last 2 stitches
Dc2tog last 2 stitches
DC into chain space

Row 4:
Repeat row 2

Row 5-7:
Repeat row 3

Row 8:
Chain 2, turn,
Dc2tog next 2 stitches (2x)
DC into chain space


Was able to get a picture of my hubby wearing it. 🙂


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