Mom’s scoodie

Yarn used:

-Red Heart Super Soft: Chocolate 9344

Gave my mom her scoodie during the Christmas break. I was actually working on it while I was there. I think I rushed the hood part because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. Oh well. At least I was able to fix a part of it by folding it back. It turned out a little heavy but it was definitely super warm. Sometimes she sleeps with it, Glory said. Glory also said that I inspired my mom to start crocheting again too. Apparently she was an awesome crocheter back in the day. Hopefully she’ll continue it because it’s a perfect thing for her to not only kill time & keep her preoccupied, but it’ll exercise her brain as well. I’m so proud of her! Glory says that she listens to Ilocano music on the laptop while she crochets & can’t seem to put the hook down. That makes my heart smile. 🙂

Reyna was kind enough to model it for me so I can post it on my blog. Thanks, Reyna!

The pattern is free at Ravelry. I ended up improvising (as I usually do) so it didn’t turn out exactly like the patten.





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