My spiritual timeline

– THE SEED: Being raised with the knowledge of God. Till this day, I don’t remember my first introduction to Him.

– Moving to Wilbur & meeting my first best friend, Sharon, a believer.

– THE SOIL: My parents buying me a book of Bible stories. This is a huge one because when I became an adult & started hearing these familiar stories, it rekindled memories & desires to learn more & dig deeper.

– I remember as a kid, my mom mentioning something about prayer. I don’t remember details anymore, but I remember having superficial prayers (usually when I needed something or angry about something). But even then, God heard me & answered them.

– God put me in a situation where I thought I had it all & needed nothing else, but at the end of every night I felt that aching void that ached more & more each passing day. The God-shaped void that cannot be filled with anything from this world. Which lead to the next point. 🙂

– THE WATER: Ended relationships which lead me to Rico. Another major key player. Although he was not a believer his brother Noel & wife Mela were.

– THE FERTILIZER: I had questions galore about God & the Bible. Sharon did her best to answer them, but it gave me the thirst for some kind of Bible study. I expressed this desire to Rico in which he mentioned Noel & Mela being believers & may know of one. So I guess he mentioned it to them which I’m guessing gave them the desire to hold a New Believers study in their home for us & the other brothers. During the study I got baptized at their church, in a hot tub. Sharon & Virlyn were there to support me.

– Shortly after the New Believers study, Noel & Mela moved to Texas & I had no clue what to do with this thing called Christianity. I tried to go to their church, but it was too small, which means too intimate for me. I tried Jubilee but it was WAY too big! [Hey, I’m beginning to know how Goldilocks felt. Haha!]. I so wanted a church that I could belong to. One that would “feed” me the real truth with no sugar-coating, welcome me…all of me & my flaws; one that was genuine & non-judgmental; one that I could call my family. “Well, ok!”, God said. “You are moving to Texas!” Now, before I move forward, let me do a quick backstory.

Rico & I were probably not married 2 years, so I wasn’t quite too close with his family yet (though they were very loving & welcoming when I first met them all). Jadon wasn’t quite 2 & I was pregnant with Kayla. I was finally bonding with my family & had a great paying job & amazing boss. And God says “Now, you are going to leave all that & go to an unknown place.” To my own surprise I was actually willing & ready. Rico, on the other hand, was the reluctant one. We “suffered” a year because of his disobedience, but that’ll be another post on another day. Haha.

– So now we’re in Texas because Keylessride moved their office here. And because of Keylessride I was able to be a stay-at-home mom & we were able to buy a nice first home. Ok, now what? Well, fortunately for us, our pioneers, Noel & Mela, had gone before us & were attending Calvary Chapel Georgetown!

– THE SUN: It took a long while…a lot of whining, excuses, fighting, consequences, convictions, but both Rico & I made CCGT our home church. All the things I wanted in a church that I listed above was here. Pastor Bob is a great pastor who never sugar-coats or dilutes the Word of God, but NEVER fails to share & emphasize God’s love for us. I love that! Lori (the Pastor’s wife) she can smell a newbie a mile away. Haha! She has THE most welcoming personality you’ll ever experience. I believe my first memory of her warmth was at my first Women’s Bible study (Beth Moore’s Patriarch). Probably not a good first study for a newbie, but definitely a good first leader. Beth Moore is awesome! Anyway, after Lori was probably Helen. She came up to me & introduced herself & was so sweet & kind & of course funny. The next person after her was Rebecca. Very soft-spoken, gentle & kind, but funny as well. But she handed me a verse & said that God had told her to give it to me. I wish I could find that piece of paper. I think it mentioned something about being worth more than gold and/or rubies. From that moment on, the rest is history. In our church are amazing people, especially the women that I have spent time with & who have cared for me & whom I care for. It is filled with amazing Prayer Warriors!

– Beth Moore’s conference in Oklahoma. I’ll have to update with the name of the conference later. A group of women drove up in a huge van. I got to know Laura & Lindsey more. That was a life-changing moment because I believe that was the time I chose to recommit my life back to him & I was determined to go to church regularly. At first I went alone or sometimes with the kids, but Rico was not quite ready yet. I may have tried dragging him a few times, but then decided to let him be & just drag him with my super-natural power called “example”. Haha. Eventually he started to go consistently with me. Thank you, God! He, himself started to grow a lot as well.

– Well with the commitment came refining. Yikes! It started with our marriage. Rico & I hit a rough patch which probably lasted maybe a year & a half or 2 years, more or less. I’m really not sure. He’ll probably say it was longer because it did seem like forever at the moment. But looking back at it now, we did a HUGE amount of growing during that time. The Lord wasn’t specifically working on our marriage, because for the most part we were content. Or maybe, so we thought. But He was working on us individually. I had things to work on within myself & apparently Rico realized he had things he had to work on as well. My hope tank was running on fumes at one point. But I was determined to hold on to the tiniest speck of hope that I could find. I reminded myself of God’s promises & his character & that was the only thing that kept me together. But I realize now, that I believe the change in our marriage began when the change in me started. And one of the changes I noticed was when my prayers went from “God, change Rico” to “God, change ME!” What a revelation! Through, Pastor Bob’s messages, a lot of Marriage Conferences, my women’s studies & prayer, we made it through that trial, changed for the better, with a deeper love & appreciation for & understanding of each other. Whoa! Did I just hit a tangent? Oops, my bad! Are you starting to see this big web of events?! As you can see, I’m starting to get lost in it myself. I better try to shorten it or this will end up a novel. Now where was I?

– Because of all the things above, my faith & relationship with God has grown immensely! And because of this my sister, Glory, took notice & sparked a curiosity. She has a journey of her own. A crazy adventure, I would call it. But because of her adventure, she became a believer as well. She went through some refining & crazy trials. But her faith plays a HUGE role in what’s to come. Even my brother, Roger & niece, Christine have showed interest in the Bible. Glory ministers to them when she is called to. I pray that God will continue to do a work in my family’s heart. I use to feel sad that I moved away when I was finally getting closer to my family. For some reason I thought I could help them more being there, but it is so obvious now that, through God, I am able to do a whole lot more here in Texas because there is NO WAY my faith would be at this level had I stayed in California.

If you were led to this post because of this post, then you can go back & continue reading. If not, then go to that post anyway & start from the beginning. Haha!


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