CCGT Valentine’s Dinner

The men’s ministry sponsored a Valentine’s dinner last night for the couples of CCGT. I have to say, that I was quite impressed. Although, I didn’t have any doubt because I knew that their hearts were in the right place. I am so proud of them. I truly hope that the men’s ministry will grow & thrive. I think it’s so important for the men to fellowship. They have the pressure of leading a home, a family. And even though, they have God & His Word to go to, it is still nice to have a person to go to for godly advice & perhaps confirmation.

I love the men at our church. They are great guys. One I didn’t realize was as funny as he was. I’m thankful we decided to sit at a table with people whom we didn’t quite know that well. It was a fun time of fellowship & getting to know the 2 couples more.

I really felt the love that these men had for their wives. I was so blessed by the turn out. Pastor Bob & Lori, Noel & Mela, Franco & Ricci were missed though.

Dinner was from Paisanos & it seemed everyone enjoyed it very much. Cupcakes made by the Taylors. Norm bought & assembled red roses, which was a lovely touch. We burned a Christian CD the night before which helped set the mood, Mike MC’d in place of Pastor Bob & he did a great job. Jabar sang Truly by Lionel Richie.

Then we played the “Newlywed” game. There were 3 rounds so everyone had to play. Rico & I went on the 2nd round & got all our answers right. Almost word for word. One of the questions was “What is your husband’s favorite flower?” We both wrote “white rose”. I don’t know if it’s actually his favorite, but we wrote it due to the story behind it. 🙂 We ended up tying with another couple so we had to do a tie breaker question. The question was “What did your husband eat for lunch yesterday?” Good thing we had lunch together. We both wrote “Jack in the box burger”. The funny thing was we both added burger in the end to be more specific. Haha! The other couple got it right also, but since Rico & I were married longer (by 1 year) we won the prize!

Then there was a tie breaker for the 2 couples with the lowest score. The funny thing was one of the couples just celebrated their 30th anniversary. Haha. The longest in the room. They ended up winning the big prize. Good times!!

This is the bouquet my hubby surprised me with. I can’t wait for the lilies to bloom. And the 2 roses in their own vase was from the dinner. One for me & the other for Kayla. 🙂




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