Archive | April 24, 2013

Becoming the person God wants

I saw this devotional posted on Facebook & it really struck a cord with me. It’s just so cool how perfect God’s timing is. I just love it! I’m constantly struggling with wanting to be the best mom & wife that I can be. And I’m constantly down on myself whenever I slip up or feel like I’m failing or not doing enough. I set such a high standard for myself & I don’t even know why. Is it because other moms & wives around me put up this facade like they have it all together & are so organized which makes me feel like my life is in chaos!? It can’t be because of tv because all the moms on there are pretty messed up these days. Am I looking for perfection? I should know by now that I will never reach it. But lately God has been revealing to me…ok, maybe He’s been trying to reveal it to me for a long time now & I’m just now finally listening…that I need to stop focusing on trying to get everything perfect & start cherishing these moments with my family. Because time is flying by so quickly I can hardly keep up. I don’t want them to grow up & the memories they have of me is of all of my charts, how everything had to be in its place, routines couldn’t be broken, etc. Absolutely not! I am trying so hard to let things go, let the house be messy, let the kids get messy. I’ve gotten better on letting them play outside with their friends. That’s a step, right? But I can’t seem to get over the house being messy. It just really affects my mood. Haha! I feel like I’m getting better about picking my battles, not letting the small things get to me & just staying calm when the kids are acting up. That is still a work in progress, but for the most part, I’m doing a lot better. I did get affirmation today that I’m at least going down the right path. My intentions are there, the motive behind my intentions are right & we’re doing our best to try to raise them according to God’s Word. And although we will make mistakes along the way, it’s important that we admit to it & correct ourselves. So for a while now, I try to remember to pray for the Lord to continue to mold me to who He wants me to be, who He created me to be, and to give me the courage, confident & faith, to step out & be that person & be content with her. Because I know that the person I am today, will not be the same person a year from now & especially 5-10 years from now & so forth. I guess I’m just anxious to get there. But I guess I shouldn’t complain that my growth might seem slow; as long as I’m not stagnant in my walk, I will be content! I guess this is a good way to teach me patience. Haha! Hopefully my loved-ones around me can see the difference in me & appreciate that I’m doing my best to better myself. I just need to put my thoughts into action more often. :/

So below is that devotional that I saw on FB. I had to put it in my blog so I can read it over & over again, especially when I need a reminder.

But we all are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:18

When you begin to align your goals with God’s goals and your desires with God’s desires, you will rid your life of a lot of anger, anxiety and depression. The homemaker who wants a happy, harmonious family is expressing a godly desire, but she cannot guarantee that it will happen. So she’d better not base her identity and sense of worth on it or she will be a basket case of anger or resentment toward her sometimes less-than-harmonious family.

Instead she could decide, “I’m going to be the wife and mother God wants me to be”. That’s a great goal! Is it impossible or uncertain? No, because it’s also God’s goal for her and nothing is impossible with God. Who can block her goal? She’s the only one who can. As long as she cooperates with God’s goal for her, her success is assured.

“But what if my husband has a mid-life crisis or my kids rebel?” she may object. Problems like that aren’t blocking her goal of being the wife and mother God wants her to be, but they will put her goal to a serious test. If her husband ever needs a godly wife, and if her children ever need a godly mother, it’s in times of trouble. Family difficulties are merely new opportunities for her to fulfil her goal of being the woman God wants her to be.

The pastor whose worth is based on his goal to win his community for Christ, have the best youth ministry in town, or increase giving to missions by 50 percent is headed for a fall. These are worthwhile desires, but they are poor goals by which to determine his worth because they can be blocked by people or circumstances. Rather he could say, “I’m going to be the pastor God wants me to be”. That’s a great goal because nothing can block him from achieving it.

God’s basic goal for your life is character development, becoming the person God wants you to be. Because it’s a godly goal, no one can block it except you.

Lord, I want to be the person You called me to be today. Thank You that by Your grace I can be that person.

(by Neil Anderson as seen in FICM Daily Devotional)