A God Moment

My intention was to go to work today & have a “normal” day; whatever my Monday routine is suppose to be.  It started with me waking up with allergy symptoms; to the point where my eyes felt swollen as if I had been crying the night before.  At around 7AM, Jadon comes out & tells me that BOTH of Spikes heat bulbs went out.  Both?! Really?  And of course there aren’t any extra bulbs lying around.  “Fine.  I’ll run to the store when it opens.”

Then just when I had hopes of leaving for school early enough to miss the traffic out of the school we end up running late.  Which of course then creates a stir in Kayla & now she’s in a bad mood.  And as we know, when she’s in a bad mood, I become in a bad mood almost instantaneously.  Thankfully, the traffic out wasn’t too bad, so I began to cheer up again.  I start to get excited knowing that I will soon be in my comfy, cozy, toasty bed.  Not even 10 minutes after my head hits the pillow, my phone rings.  It’s the school!  Jadon is on the line & he says, “Mom, can you bring a pumpkin? And can you bring it before 2?”  “Sure”, I sighed.  So I turned to Rico & said, “It looks like today will be an errand day, sorry.”

So as Rico is getting ready for work & I’m trying to relish in the comfort of my bed, I keep reminding myself to not forget to give Rico the flyers for Rose.  I’m sure you can guess what happened there.  “Ok, fine.  I’ll just get up, get ready, do my errands real quick & meet up with Rose by noon.”  As I’m driving to start my errand around 10:30 (opposite direction from where I’m meeting Rose), I get a text from her saying she’s ready to meet up.  Seriously?!

I run into Petsmart, grab a bulb, quickly drive over to Super Target & grab a pumpkin.  Alright, so far, so good.  I drive to the school & drop off the pumpkin, head home to replace the bulbs.  Put the 1st bulb in, then the 2nd, flipped the switch.  Why is it still dim? I take a peek & only 1 bulb is working! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!  I just keep the 1 light on & rush back out of the house.  I don’t like being late to anything, especially when I know someone is waiting for me.  As I am driving down Leander, I try to laugh at myself & try to calm myself down.  As I’m thinking about how my day is going so far I think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I didn’t even have the flyers with me?”  [Now, I purposely put it in my study bag Sunday afternoon, knowing that I had Bible study the next day, with the intention to leave the bag in the car].  As I look at the floor to where the study bag was suppose to be, I noticed it was missing.  Where could it be?! Then I remembered, Sunday NIGHT, I had decided to bring it into the house in case I had time to do some of the homework.  Now, Leander Road is a country road with 1 road going in each direction & hardly any streets to turn into.  I finally decided to squeeze my MINI van into an itty bitty drive way & bust a U-turn back to my house.  Thankfully, I wasn’t too far.  I probably lost 10 minutes though.  That was pretty much my annoying day, aside from Kayla getting upset with me for no reason & not being able to finish half of my errands.  But through it all, I kept reminding myself of Psalm 118:24 “This is the day The Lord has made, we will rejoice & be glad in it.”  Which helped keep a smile on my face & a positive attitude.

So of course the next thing I did, what I normally do, I posted it on Facebook.  One of my church friends (SF) commented that I should listen to worship music.  I told her that I pretty much have 92.1 on my radio 99% of the time.  And that I specifically needed to hear Mandisa, Jamie Grace or Steven Curtis Chapman’s songs.  Their upbeat songs always make me smile.  Well, that was that, didn’t think twice about it.

Afterwards I dropped the kids off at work so UNCLE STEVEN can take them to their class.  As I head out to pick up my girls for Bible study, what song comes on?  Mandisa’s Overcomer.  I had to smile & thanked God for being such an awesome Comforter.

I picked up my girls & headed to Bible study.  Now whenever I have people in the car & we’re chit-chatting, I turn the radio off, so I had it off during the ride there & back.  When I was alone in my car heading home I turned the radio back on.  As I’m nearing 175, Jamie Gracie’s Hold Me comes on!!!!  What?! Seriously?!  I feel the “tingles” & I become overjoyed.  Then I think to myself, “How cool would it be to hear Steven Curtis Chapman’s Love Take Me Over?”  But as Jamie’s song is ending, I’m getting closer to my house.  So I figured, there’s no chance it would.  It would have to be IMMEDIATELY after this song.  Now THAT would be awesome crazy though!  But after the song, came a commercial.  “Ahh, oh well.  2 out of 3 is still pretty awesome.”  I was already trying to think of ways to manipulate it to happen by turning on the radio at home (which I never do on a weeknight) & leaving it on all night intentionally waiting for that last song.  But that wouldn’t be right & it would take away from what just happened, so I decided I wouldn’t do that.  Then I started thinking, “Well maybe someone on the FB thread will mention the song.  That will count!”  Haha!  As I was just about to turn into my street, the commercial ended, but the next song was not THE song.  I decided to check Spirit 105.  The DJ finished her conversation with a caller & the very next song was….LOVE TAKE ME OVER!!!  I am not even kidding!  You could not erase the HUGE smile I had on my face.  My heart was so filled with…I don’t know…God’s LOVE?!  My eyes teared up & at that moment I so felt his presence!  And I could imagine the smile He must have had seeing me smile & the joy He must have felt seeing me experience the joy He had just given me; that special moment that He gives & shares in with just you & Him.  Not only did He play the 3 songs I wanted to hear, but in the exact order I had named them.  There is no way you can say that was coincidence!  That was all God!

Quick side note to add to this AWESOMENESS:

In the Beth Moore video I watched tonight she had talked about that moment when you don’t only think, or hope, or have faith that He is there with you, but you KNOW that He is.  You can literally feel His presence.  And how you wish every moment could be like that.  I began to think about all my little moments that I had & wished that I could have another one again, soon.  Not only was God so loving & so kind & compassionate towards me today, but He was also so faithful.  He knew the desire of my heart at that moment.  And when your desire aligns with His, anything is possible!

How I wish that everyone could just believe in Him & trust Him so that they can experience Him & His full & complete unconditional love that He has for them.  He wants to give it so badly & so freely & abundantly!  All we need to do is accept it & allow Him in our hearts.  There is no “cleaning up” or changing that we, ourselves, need to do first.  We just need to come as we are & He does the clean up. 🙂


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