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Taupe Neckwarmer

This is a neckwarmer that I did a while ago. It was one of my first projects. I didn’t like how it turned out at first, but now I think it’s growing on me. And even though it’s skinnier than I had hoped, it’s actually quite warm. I didn’t like how any of the pictures turned out, so I’ll post the best of the worst. Haha.

Yarn used:
– Loops & Threads Charisma (bulky 5): Taupe #6



Nancy’s button-up cowl

Well I wasn’t going to give this to Nancy because I wasn’t too happy about it, but last night I changed my mind. I hope she’ll still like it even though it’s not perfect & that she’ll find it useful & comfortable & of course warm.

Yarn used:
– Loops & Threads Charisma (bulky 5): #34 Toadstool

I don’t have my niece to model it for me, so I had to do the job. I look so uncomfortable & awkward. Haha! But this is one of those accessories that needs to be on a mannequin or a real person. A hanger will not work. I’m sure there are other ways to wear it, but these are the ones I was able to figure out.





I honestly can’t remember what pattern I used. This was one of the first ones I did, which was months ago. I’ll be sure to update the post once I can figure it out. Sorry!

[UPDATE] This might be the pattern that I tried to use for this cowl.

Mom’s scoodie

Yarn used:

-Red Heart Super Soft: Chocolate 9344

Gave my mom her scoodie during the Christmas break. I was actually working on it while I was there. I think I rushed the hood part because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. Oh well. At least I was able to fix a part of it by folding it back. It turned out a little heavy but it was definitely super warm. Sometimes she sleeps with it, Glory said. Glory also said that I inspired my mom to start crocheting again too. Apparently she was an awesome crocheter back in the day. Hopefully she’ll continue it because it’s a perfect thing for her to not only kill time & keep her preoccupied, but it’ll exercise her brain as well. I’m so proud of her! Glory says that she listens to Ilocano music on the laptop while she crochets & can’t seem to put the hook down. That makes my heart smile. 🙂

Reyna was kind enough to model it for me so I can post it on my blog. Thanks, Reyna!

The pattern is free at Ravelry. I ended up improvising (as I usually do) so it didn’t turn out exactly like the patten.




Rico’s Earflap Beanie



Finished Rico’s beanie. It took a lot longer than expected. I just couldn’t get the earflap right. Then I had to make those pom-poms which I don’t enjoy doing. He says it’s comfortable, so hopefully he’ll actually wear it. We shall see.

Yarns used:
– Caron Simply Soft: dark country blue
– Vanna’s Choice: charcoal grey 151

I used this pattern, but I made changes by adding additional rows. I think the final row count was 18 & I added a border of sc stitches. Also I think the amount of stitches in row 4 should be 45 & then row 5 should be 60.

The earflaps were a bit more challenging for me. I tried writing the pattern after the fact, so I hope it’s accurate. As for where to start the flap, I had Rico put the beanie on & I marked the beginning & ending stitch with bobby pins. I made sure they were 14 stitches apart so the flap would end up long enough. So here it goes:

Row 1:
Join yarn, chain 2, DC in base of chain
DC in the next 13 stitches [14]

Row 2:
Chain 2, turn, DC in base if chain
DC all the way down [14]

Row 3:
Chain 2, turn, dc2tog next 2 chains
DC to the last 2 stitches
Dc2tog last 2 stitches
DC into chain space

Row 4:
Repeat row 2

Row 5-7:
Repeat row 3

Row 8:
Chain 2, turn,
Dc2tog next 2 stitches (2x)
DC into chain space


Was able to get a picture of my hubby wearing it. 🙂

Nancy’s House Slippers for her birthday




Yarns used:

I’m a little disappointed in this project, but I was short on time to start all over. Hopefully it’ll do it’s job & look cute on Nancy’s feet while keeping it warm. The one part I do like is the part I made up, which is the strap. The strap on the pattern didn’t work out so I had to improvise. This is what I did:

20 chains
Sc in chain 12
Slip stitch the rest of the chains

I left a tail in the beginning & in the end so that when I attach it to the slipper I could pull a string through each side of a stitch & tie a knot to secure it. Then I stitched the green border over it so it would look neater.

The button of course gives it the character it needs. Can’t wait to see it on Nancy’s feet. I pray that it will fit her feet like the glass slipper on Cinderella’s. haha!

Here is the pattern.

Cherree’s Bulky Slouchy Beanie for her birthday


Yarn used:
– Loops & Thread Charisma (bulky) in Espresso #32

Started this out just to test out the pattern, but then decided that if it turned out cute I’d make it Cherree’s birthday gift. I like it, but I kind of wish they used WW yarn instead of bulky. It’s a little stiff for my liking, but I’m hoping Cherree will still wear it.

I got the pattern from one of those booklets. This one was called Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family.

I went to Joann’s and decided to get a button for it for the finishing touch so it didn’t look so plain. This was the best one I could find. Hopefully Cherree will let me take a picture of her wearing it so I can post another picture here… hopefully I’ll remember to take the picture.


Kai Kai’s Rupunzel Earflap Beanie


Yarns used:
– Caron Simply Soft in Iris 9747
– Caron Simply Soft in Soft Pink 9719
– Red Heart Soft in Lilac for the center of the flower & pom-pom

I finally finished Kai’s beanie. I just hope she likes it & will wear it. I think I got the basic pattern here, but made up my braids.

The flower pattern I got here but changed the colors. I also used sewing thread to tie the tips of the flower onto the beanie. And then I used a pom-pom maker of course.

I’m excited for my next project!

J’s requested dinosaur beanie


This was J’s request.  It is one of my favorite beanies.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t wear it as much anymore.  Not sure if someone made a negative comment about it or something.  Hopefully he’s still proud of it. 🙂

I believe the beanie part I got from here.

The spikes, I know I got from here.

Hailee’s orange beanie

013 (2)

Of course I couldn’t make Sydney a beanie without making Hailee one.  She picked the colors.  It is definitely perfect for the Spring.  She was my first pom-pom beanie. 🙂

I think I got the inspiration for the pattern here.  As you can see, I didn’t copy the trim for some reason.

The flower I got here.  Pretty easy to follow & her video is pretty useful.

Kid’s slouchy beanie


This was suppose to be a big kid’s slouchy beanie, but some how it ended up as a toddler’s slouchy beanie. Haha!  I honestly can’t tell you where I got the pattern.  Perhaps it was from a book.  Once I can figure out where I got the pattern I’ll be sure to update this post.  In the mean time I’m waiting for my niece to send me a picture of her little sister wearing it.

The bow may have come from this website.