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The reason why Noelle doesn’t eat hot dogs

I’m watching Noelle & Franco today & I’m trying to figure out what to make for lunch. I ask Noelle if she eats hot dogs & she says “no”. So I end up making her chicken nuggets.

As I’m cooking hot dogs for the other 3, she walks into the kitchen & asks, “Who farted?” Giggling, I replied, “Nobody farted, it’s probably the hot dogs you’re smelling.” She quickly & sincerely says, “And that’s why I don’t eat hot dogs.”

Buhahaha! That was funny.


Kayla’s singing

I love it when Kayla is singing & she’s so into the song that not knowing the words does not stop her; she keeps singing without even a pause making up words even if they don’t make any sense whatsoever. Sometimes I even wonder if some of the words even exist in the English dictionary. Haha.

Dinner with Asher

Asher is sleeping over tonight so Mark & Tina can spend some time with Alissa (sp?). Kayla & Asher decide on pizza, but Jadon wants sardines & rice instead. As they are eating I hear Asher ask, “Jadon, why do you always eat with your hands?”

Kayla: “Because we’re Filipino & Filipinos eat with their hands.”

Asher: “Oh.”

Jadon: “Why are you eating with your hands?”

Asher: “Because this is hand food.”

I just love listening to kid conversations.

Dehydrated green beans

It sounds gross doesn’t it? Especially if you don’t like green beans in the first place. Well Kayla has always been the brave one, willing to try new food, so even though she doesn’t like cooked green beans she was willing to try them dehydrated. To my surprise she says “Mmm. Not bad.” A few days later, she sees them on the island & gets excited to eat it. After probably eating a few she says, “I love that it’s crunchy, and I love the salt, but it taste kind of gross.” Lol. I guess she had to eat at least a handful to get the true flavor. Hey, you gotta give her props for at least trying it.